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Numbers 13 - Fear vs. Faith

Numbers 13 - Fear vs. Faith

Activity Coloring Page & Object Lesson
Adam & Eve Color page

Main Point:

Numbers 13 | Fear vs. Faith | Faith does not mature or strengthen without trials!

Object Lesson:

Write out 6-10 awesome God promises that God has given us in His Word (each on a separate 8.5x11 sheet of paper). Ask your kids what might cause them to have fear. Be prepared to add a few ideas that will be greater than any that they come up with. (Important note: not too scary that it’s above their comprehension but big enough to highlight the majesty of God. Good examples to use would be - Families can lose their homes and loved ones.) As they express their fears, write each one down on one of the 8.5x11 pieces of paper with the verse that best applies God’s promise to stomp out their fear. Ask them if they really believe what God is promising them in the verses you’ve written down. In the end encourage them to be brave and courageous because God IS faithful and He loves them very much. Here’s some good verses to get you started.

AR Bible Graphic:

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