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Joshua 7 - The Fall of Ai

Joshua 7 - The Fall of Ai

Activity Coloring Page & Object Lesson
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Main Point:

Joshua 7 | The Fall of Ai | You can't hide your sin from God.

Object Lesson:

Achan and his entire family got into trouble because of the sin he tried to hide! At first, sin is appealing, tempting and enticing but in the end will ALWAYS COST US MORE THAN WE ARE WILLING TO PAY!

You can't hide sin in your heart from God. He LOVES you too much to let it destroy you. If you have things you need to take to God, BIG or SMALL, DON'T WAIT! John 1:9 says that if confess our sin to God He is FAITHFUL and JUST to forgive us and purify us from our unrighteousness!

Hand a rock and a plate to one of your children and just a plate to the rest of your children. If you only have one child, hand them a rock and two plates. Ask them to try and trick you by attempting to hide the rock on one of their plates using only Kleenex. Instruct them that they can cover it with as many kleenexes as they'd like but the rock must be on one of their plates. Close your eyes or leave the room for a short time and after they think they've done a decent job hiding their rock, ask them if you think they are confident they've been able to conceal whose plate has the rock.

Regardless of their answers, pour a pitcher of water over each of the plates until it is obvious which plate has the hidden rock as the Kleenex becomes transparent and soaked to reveal the rock. Explain that trying to hide our sin from God is foolish and God's intention to remove sin is to keep us safe and to keep us from harm!

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