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Augmented Reality

The Book of Genesis has sometimes been called the "seed-plot" of the entire Bible. Most of the major doctrines in the Bible are introduced in "seed" form in the Book of Genesis.


The word “exodus” means departure. In God’s timing, the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt marked the end of a period of oppression for Abraham’s descendants, and the beginning of the fulfillment of the covenant promise to Abraham that his descendants would not only live in the Promised Land, but would also multiply and become a great nation.


Following the Lord requires faith. Without faith it is impossible to please Him. God's chosen people must learn to live on more than bread and water but on the very Word of God.


Be strong and courageous. There is nothing to big for God and no call to impossible for the Lord if He calls you to achieve it for His name and His glory!


God was to be the King for His people judged by His chosen instruments. These are their stories.


Chosing God over everything in this life will always lead you right next to a GOOD Shepherd, Friend, Father... God who will protect and provide for you.


David was a man after God's own heart but his story to gain, occupy and leave the throne is one of the greatest stories ever told.

I Samuel

There is only one true king, but here are the stories of the men who did and didn't follow God to rule and govern over His people.

I Kings

God's people are called to RETURN to God's promised land.


Nehemiah was the man called to the incredibly difficult work of leading God's people to accomplish the impossible and watch God's mighty hand complete the task.


Esther's story of bravery and perfect timing to be God's provision for such a time as this!


This life is madness without Jesus.


The weeping prophet who foretells of the new covenant when God would write His laws on the hearts of His people.


The river of life bringing healing to the nations.


The incredible life and story of Daniel the prophet who relentlessly and bravely served God during Israel's exile.


The prophet sent to Nineveh with a heart that wrestles along the way.


Jesus was the KING of the Jews!


Jesus was the perfect servant Son of God!


Jesus was the Savior born to save us, Christ the Lord.


Jesus was the Word made flesh dwelling with us!


The acts of the Holy Spirit, God's promised Helper sent to teach, guide, reprove and empower us!


We all need to be saved from our sin, if we believe Jesus is who He said He is and did what He said He was going to do and confess that belief with our mouth than we will be saved!


Run the race of this life as if you are living for the next one!

II Timothy

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user's view of the real world, thus providing a composite view. When you use the Famplify AR Bible, you can hunt for treasure in God's Word. When you discover an image in one of the Chapters In God's Word our graphics will literally jump off the page and come to life. - We don't have the entire Bible illustrated yet, BUT we publish a new devo EVERY WEEK! So jump into a Famplify Group to follow along!

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