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John 21 - Being Made

John 21 - Being Made

Activity Coloring Page & Object Lesson
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Main Point:

John 21 | Being Made | A legacy is made one step at a time.

Object Lesson:

We aren't perfect. Even after we answer Jesus' call to follow Him, that doesn't mean we wont have struggles, trials, difficulties, suffering and even tests! As much as we love Jesus, we aren't perfect like Him! We NEED Him to walk with us, help us, talk to us, train us, teach us, empower us, encourage us... LOVE us! As we walk with Jesus, we aren't going to do it perfectly. When we sin and make mistakes, we need to return to Him knowing that HE WANTS US TO RETURN to Him. Confess our mistakes and rely on Him to help us continue to GROW. We will hesitate to do this if we don't know just how much Jesus LOVES us.

Using Crayola clay, have each child mold and make something from their imagination. If they need inspiration, use some animal photographs, however, this will work better if they use their imagination. Let them know that they are in charge of letting you know when their creation is complete. When they're happy with their creation, have them explain what they've created. Explain that we are clay in the hand of our heavenly Father. He pulls parts of us off, molds us, twists us, works with us and crafts us until we look like what He wants us to look like. The Bible says that we are being conformed into the image of His son Jesus! (Romans 8:28-29)

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