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Welcome to Famplify University

You've got questions. We've got answers!

What is Famplify?

What is the D.I.G. format and why is it so powerful?

How do I use it in my family or small group?

How do I get started?

Can my church's children's ministry use it as curriculum?

What do you believe? 

Great questions! We can't wait to introduce you to why God's made us so passionate about helping you teaching every member of your family and faith-family HOW to have a personal and growing relationship with the living Creator! 


Select what you're here to learn:

We want to help every household to be built on the firm foundation of a growing relationship with Jesus Christ...



All of our courses are built to multiply easily. Members get full access to all of our courses and resources...


Starting or running a group. Using Famplify in your church. If you're wondering how to do anything regarding Famplify, start here...


We want your group to be as impactful as possible, wether it's a small group or entire children's ministry, our training can help...

Our blog covers everything from free resources to content we want to pass along to keep your family informed on helpful tips and tricks as well as Famplify news and updates...

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