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Genesis 6 - God's Ark

Genesis 6 & 7 - God's Ark


Noah's Ark, God's Ark

Main Point:

A task from the Lord will ALWAYS require you to place your faith in Him!

Object Lesson: "YOU'VE Been Sent!"

Who said it would be easy!?

Most often, when God gives us a task, it’s impossible not to set us up for failure but to show us how awesome and powerful he is!

Set up a 100 lbs. weight (or weight that will be impossible for your children to lift) and set it on a large balance (use something simple like 2x4’s) with the fulcrum set very near to the weight. Ask the children to do a simple task to pick up and and move the weight to a spot about a foot to the right. When they’ve all tried and failed ask the bravest child to try again but this time with your help. Easily push down on the unweighted side of the balance as they lift the weight and then slowly let them pivot the weight to the spot next to it you had previously instructed. This impossible task is made simple when they allow the right force to do the heavy lifting. God wants them to experience HIS power and HIS majesty in accomplishing the impossible!!!

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