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Mark 10 - The HEART of the Matter

Mark 10 - The HEART of the Matter

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Main Point:

Mark 10 | The HEART of the Matter | How do YOU approach the King?

Object Lesson:

The humble children just wanted to come and be with Jesus. The rich young ruler brought his devotion, but he also brought his pride, accomplishments and success. He was so full of what HE was, he couldn't see his desperate need for who JESUS was. He couldn't let go of the things in this life to pursue a life dedicated to Jesus.

Red light, green light: Tell your children to line up on one side of the room. Instruct them that green means go and red means to stop. Obeying the commands, they need to race from one side of the room to other. The winner get's to be the one shouting the commands during the next round. After the game, talk about how frustrating it was to hear the "red" command and how that hindered them from getting to where they wanted to get to. Discuss what some of the "red lights" are in our life that are hinderances that keep us from pursuing Jesus, or even worse, cause us to miss seeing Him as our Savior!

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