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John 12 - It's an Honor

John 12 - It's an Honor

Activity Coloring Page & Object Lesson
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Main Point:

John 12 | It's an Honor | Following in His footsteps!

Object Lesson:

Selfishness will keep us from seeing Jesus for who He truly is! It's an honor to follow Jesus. We can't follow Him unless we truly SEE Him for who He is and what He came to do. Jesus came to sacrifice His pure sinless life to pay the penalty for the sins of mankind. He came to redeem us. His sacrifice satisfied the wrath of God, which means we can have a relationship WITH Him again, walking with Him, talking with Him, learning from Him... FOLLOWING Him. He was God's pure spotless lamb but He is our Shepherd and it's an honor to follow Him!

Pin the tail on the donkey. Try to pin a tail onto a drawing of a donkey without a tail. It's pretty easy to do when you can SEE what you need to. BUT if you're blind folded... that's a different task entirely. If we aren't using the Bible to help us SEE Jesus for who He truly is, then we might as well be blindfolded, guessing in the dark about the character and nature of God.

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