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Hagar & Ishmael

This week's object lesson is from Genesis 21

Hagar and Ishmael Color Page

Main Point:

Our Perspective Doesn't Change God's Promises!

Object Lesson: "Right On Time"

Hagar was desperate for God to remember His promise to her. Her very life and the life of her son Ishmael depended on it! Bake some chocolate chip cookies and set a buzz timer. (Make a big deal about how the cookies will burn if nobody remembers to take them out in time!) Then, go do something distracting like play a board game or do a coloring craft! Hopefully your children will have completely forgotten about the cookies baking in the oven by the time the buzzer goes off. As soon as it does hurry to the oven with your children to pull the cookies out just in time. Whew! Just in time.

Point out that although you saved them from burning, if you had taken them out earlier, they would not have been ready for the job you had intended them for!


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