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Genesis 3 - Adam & Eve

Adam & Eve's Broken Hearts

Activity Page & Object Lesson
Adam & Eve Color page

Main Point:

Just like Adam and Eve, we've all sinned and we ALL need a Savior!

Object Lesson:

Pass out a giant marshmallow to each child, instruct them NOT to touch it until the end of the lesson. Give this instruction only once. After your lesson, see how many kids followed the rule. Throw away all the marshmallows that have been nibbled, licked, pinched and half devoured.

Use this lesson to show that we’ve all disobeyed and made mistakes. Our mistakes have consequences. To calm the grumbling, talk about how gracious you are and that you brought extras just because you love them. Every kid gets a marshmallow. They’ll have two if they successfully followed instructions! Talk about how God’s grace is unmerited.

AR Bible Graphic:

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