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Exodus 6 - Impossible Promises

Exodus 6 - Impossible Promises

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Main Point:

Exodus 6 | Impossible Promises - Don't let your circumstances distract you from God's promises.

Object Lesson: "Ignore the Distractions"

Sit at a table and give each of your children a piece of candy and promise them that they can eat it. Then lead them away from the table, promising to return after the activity. Play a couple rounds of "Simon Says" or "Tic-Tac-Toe," anything to distract them from their candy waiting for them. After some time has passed ask them if they forgot about their candy on the table. Their answer will be "No." Then play a song for them and get them dancing. After the song is over ask them if they forgot about the candy on the table. Their answer will be the same. Point out that the game and the song didn't change the fact that you promised them they could eat their candy and it was still there waiting for them on the table... just like you promised. Now that the activities were complete, they can go and enjoy their promise.

Point out that the circumstances in life can sometimes take our focus or our attention off of the promises of God, but that doesn't change that God WILL be FAITHFUL to His promises.

Read Matthew 28:18-20 - This is one promise that Jesus gave to us as His believers.


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