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Mark 2 - A New Name

Mark 2 - A New Name

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Main Point:

Mark 2 - A New Name | The Power of Faith

Object Lesson:

To "follow" Jesus, we have to have FAITH that Jesus IS who He said He is. This kind of faith has the power to transform us into a completely new creation! (2 Cor. 5:17)

Get 4 red solo cups and mark the bottom of one of the cups with a permanent marker. Setting that one aside for the first illustration use the other three to play "hide the quarter" by placing a quarter under one of the remaining three cups and moving them around randomly to try and get your children to lose track of which cup it's under. When you're pretty confident they've lost track, have them all guess which one they think it's under. At best they all have an educated guess. Some will get it right and some will get it wrong, but they are guessing. After a few rounds of this, bring the marked cup into the mix by replacing one of the unmarked cups. Placing the quarter under the marked cup in front of the kids, they will know immediately that tracking it will be easy. Try to lose them again by moving the cups around. They will all easily identify the cup that's marked... and they will all be correct.

Explain that our faith in Jesus is like this. Jesus was the Messiah, fulfilling hundreds of prophesies, performing miracles, teaching with authority and claiming to be God's Son sent to take away the sins of the world. Our FAITH isn't a guess. Our faith is placed in what we KNOW to be TRUE. Jesus is who He said He is and DID what He said He was going to do, so we CAN HAVE FAITH THAT HE is GOING to do what He said He will... to bring those of us who believe to heaven WITH Him. Forever.

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