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Luke 5 - Fisher's of Men

Luke 5 - Fisher's of Men

Activity Coloring Page & Object Lesson
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Main Point:

Luke 5 - Fisher's of Men

Object Lesson:

Jesus wants to do this life WITH Him. His call to follow Him can come at any time, it may even mean leaving everything we know behind. One thing's for sure. Should you choose to obey His command to "Follow" only one thing is for certain, it's going to be an adventure! Good thing, when we follow Him, we get to walk right next to HIM!

Paper cup telephone. Use as long as a string as the space you're in will allow. Poke a hole in the bottom of two cups and then push one end of the string through each. Tie a knot so the line wont pull back through the hole on either end and then stretch the line tight across the room between the cups. Speak into one cup and have the person on the other end listen into theirs. You'll be amazed at the clarity of the audio as you LISTEN CAREFULLY for the voice of the one calling you! - We have to train our ears and hearts to hear the voice of God call us to Follow Him.

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