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Jonah 2 - Jonah's Low Point

Updated: Feb 7

Jonah 2 - Jonah's Low Point

David and Goliath Coloring Page

Main Point:

The consequences of our sin leads to death but turning to God leads to life and purpose.

Object Lesson: "Great Strength"

Seal a kleenex inside a ziploc bag (make sure it's sealed) and submerge it to the bottom of a bucket or bowl of water. Point out that the tissue undergoes intense pressure inside the bag but is kept safe from the water. - Our mistakes can have consequences that cause us a lot of pressure in life but it doesn't remove us from the protection of God's love. It wasn't until Jonah was at his lowest that his heart FINALLY turned to the Lord. Hopefully you and I wont wait until we are under intense pressure to turn back to Jesus but sometimes He uses the intense circumstances in our life to get ahold of our hearts to correct us before we are destroyed by our decisions!


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