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Exodus 5 - The Last Straw

Exodus 5 - The Last Straw

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Main Point:

Exodus 5 - The Last Straw - We learn that Moses has to trust God's promises.

Object Lesson:

Lay 10 red disposable cups (or something similar obstacle) on the floor in the room or in a hallway. Ask a child if they'd be able to walk from one side of the room to the other without stepping on any of the cups. Obviously this is an easy task. But, do they think they could do it if they were blindfolded? Let them try. When they fail, ask them if they could do it if they had another child hold their hand and lead them through the room and even guide their footsteps using vocal commands. Once they've navigated the room safely ask them to point out the difference and identify why the results were different.

With a guide who can SEE, it makes the task easy to accomplish. We have a different perspective and vantage point than God. HE is the only one who can see what we cannot see. If we hold His hand and listen to his guidance, we will learn to trust Him EVERY step of the way as we learn to walk WITH Him.

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