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Exodus 15 - Testing Reveals Flaws

Exodus 15 - Testing Reveals Flaws

Activity Coloring Page & Object Lesson
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Main Point:

Exodus 15 - Testing Reveals Flaws

Object Lesson:

Tell your children that you have a test for them as you place two cups on a table in front of them. Conceal the fact that you've previously taped, a folded up, one or five dollar bill to the bottom of one of the cups. Let them see you pour water into one cup and then soda (or some sweet alternative) into the other. Make sure that you pour the water into the cup with the money taped to it. As you pour it, tell them that water is GOOD for them and HEALTHY for their bodies and will PAY OFF in the long run BUT they can also choose to drink from the other cup. Open the soda can and let them hear the fizzle, pour it slowly and tempt them with the delicious sugar, but assure them that THIS cup will eventually cost them more than they'd like. - If they choose wisely, give them their reward but then point out their heart. Talk about how proud you are that they chose to TRUST you. If they choose the soda, take a drink of the water cup to reveal the money taped to the bottom. When they realize that there's no money on their cup, show them what WOULD have been their prize had they LISTENED and TRUSTED you. Take time to examine what their decision revealed to them about their heart! Regardless of how they choose, in the end give soda to all.

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