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James | Ch. 2

From Daniel's Desk on 4/24/19

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My Title: Friends with the Lord of Glory


My Verse: James 2:18

"18 I will show you my faith by my works."

My Response:

Your works can't save you and they can't move God's heart needle any more in your direction. He already loved you enough, while you were in the middle of your filthy sin to send His Son to die for you. You can't earn or buy His love. HOWEVER, you CAN be CHANGED by it!

You become a NEW creation when you believe in Jesus. The old person has died and passed away and the new has come! This is evidenced in your character. Your behavior. - I think of Indiana Jones standing in front of the invisible bridge spanning the bottomless crevasse. Fear and panic gripped him until he braved the first step and his foot landed on the bridge that he could not see... BUT AFTER he KNEW that bridge was there he had NO PROBLEM taking any further steps... because HE BELIEVED that the bridge was there. When you step out in FAITH to BELIEVE in Jesus He catches you and His grace and mercy CHANGE you. You act and faith as if there is a Savior BECAUSE you KNOW there IS!

GO. FIND SOMEONE that is HOPING there is a bridge to GOD and TELL them about Jesus!


My Notes:

  • Show no partiality! (Rich/Poor - who does God favor?)

  1. This is a condition of the heart. A GREAT JUDGE of character.

  2. Love your neighbor as yourself - failing here is just as a bad as failing at the rest of the law.

  3. Beat this with MERCY for ALL. No favor.

  4. Also: your heart is SO foolish - It's the ones you would favor that would drag you into court and oppress you!

  • Faith WITHOUT works is DEAD!

  1. Works is the FRUIT of your faith! If you do not have fruit than your faith is not alive. (I will SHOW you my faith BY my works!)

  2. Knowing/Believing God exists makes you no better than the demons.


What was YOUR response? Leave it in the comments.

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