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Keep YOUR Group Moving Forward... TOGETHER!

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Trying to get set up? Let's make it easy.


Why Famplify?

Step 1: Start an account.

You need an account before you can log into the app. 

Step 2: Download the app.

Available for iOS, Android and desktop! 


Check it out. Click the tabs!


Easy, Fun AND Powerful.

Family Devotions. Any time. On every device. 

Better. Faster. Stronger.

What is this? The family-discipleship Olympics? (If it were, we'd be dominating). Our library grows every week. Literally. We publish a new family devo to our Bible Library every week. Boom.


Awesome with an extra side of AWESOME.

Animation. Illustration. Age Appropriate Lessons. Character Cards. Memory Verses. Outreach Challenges. Activity Pages. Object Lessons. Follow-up Questions AND so much more!

Famplify for family.

For Your Family

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Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 8.41.21 PM.png

For Your Church or Group


Just For Laughs


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Whether you're adventuring with your church or setting out as a family, we have the perfect plan for you!




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Up to 50 Families



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Give it to your families for FREE!

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All Group Plans Include:

Admin Account | Customize YOUR Message Alerts | Groups Stats | Invite/Add/Delete Users | In App Rewards | Free Printer Friendly Activity Pages for EVERY Devotion | Customizable Adventure Books

  • What does it cost?
    Check out our pricing tiers. We've got groups sizes for all.
  • ​How do I do this with my entire family?
    Take a more in-depth look HERE, but think of each of our weekly devotions like a bus route. Everyone gets on the same bus, you just expect them to get off at their cognitive ability. You start the study with the Bible story so everyone can understand. As the study continues and your four year old starts to want to do summersaults around the living room, steer your youngest ones to the activity sheets while you continue the deeper parts of the devo with your older kiddos.
  • What does the Famplify™ material teach?
    Great question! Famplify is published by Joshua Initiative. A non-profit ministry dedicated to equipping families with the gospel and encouraging them to be moving in their communities for Christ! You can read our statement of faith here. In a nutshell our goal is to teach every member of the family HOW to have a relationship with the Lord, so our strategy is simple, read the Word of God to find the character of God and then apply it to our heart and life.
  • What version of the Bible do you use?
    We study and reference the KJV, NASB, ESV and NLT versions of the Bible to craft our Weekly Family Devotions but we choose to include the New Living Translation of God's Word in Famplify because, in our opinion, it is by far the easiest version for a family to use and read together!
  • Can I use Famplify™ as Children's Ministry Curriculum?
    Take a greater look HERE but, yes, you sure can, take a closer look at one of our devos! We publish a new devo every week so our library is constantly growing! That means you can choose from our entire library to publish any of our devos at any time! Truly a curriculum you can customize.
  • Can Famplify™ really match what my church is teaching?
    Absolutely. When you start a group you can keep it super easy by choosing to stick with the Famplify adventure to get our newest devo every week or you can choose to completely customize your adventure by selecting any of the devos in our entire library. Search our library by book of the Bible or hashtag and then select 12 devos at a time, in the order you want to publish them. Take a closer look. ​ *Here's the best part: We know that there is no way our weekly devos will match what the Holy Spirit has got you teaching every week SO we've included a way for you to add a video and even your sermon bullet points every week that will show up INSIDE our weekly devo so that your parents can reference what they've been learning on Sunday as they teach their families in the middle of the week! Take a closer look.
  • What does the name Famplify™ stand for?
    Famplify works to AMPLIFY God's Word in FAMily! Get it? Fam...plify? Clever. We know. Also, just about every other .com seems to be taken nowadays.
  • How does Famplify™ help my group engage with their community?
    We are SO glad you asked!!! Each of our devotions has a weekly challenge. They're easy and practical, like "Knock on your neighbor's door and ask how you can be praying for them!" - If they complete the challenge they can earn extra credit stars to help boost their family team profile! Also, we've given you the capability to drop a map location and event details in the messages so you can easily organize outreach activities. Take a closer look.
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