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Together In Unity

This week's object lesson is from John 17

Nehemiah's Leadership Coloring Page

Main Point:

As Christians, our unity between each other and with Jesus should glorify Him in such a way that it brings people to understand His love for them!

Object Lesson: "Unite"

This week make plans to head out to a park or go to a movie with another family from your church. If you have the opportunity, invite a family that doesn’t go to church to go along with you! It might feel a bit awkward to invite a family to church out of the blue but if they are already hanging out with you and your friends from church they will probably ask you if they can join you. - Live in such a way that everyone around you knows they have a standing invitation to join you at church! Ask your friends if there is anything your church could be praying for them and them follow up with them!


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