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The Good Shepherd

This week's object lesson is from John 10

Nehemiah's Leadership Coloring Page

Main Point:

Knowing that Jesus is God the Son and that you are VERY valuable to Him makes all the difference in this life!

Object Lesson: "The Shepherd's Voice"

You’ll need three different devices that can play music. On one device play just the melody for Jesus loves me. At the same time play a different song on the other two devices. Make sure that they are all loud enough to drown each other out. It will sound like a noisy mess! After about 15 seconds talk about how it was hard to hear anything at all. Next play JUST the Jesus Loves Me melody and then instruct the children to listen ONLY for that melody amidst the chaos of noise, while ignoring everything else. Play all three songs at the same time again. Amazingly, the melody they are listening for will be very easy to distinguish! Talk about why it’s important to KNOW who Jesus is!