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Ruth | Ch. 2

From Daniel's Desk on 9/6/19

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My Title: In a Corrupt & Sinful world, the Godly must CHOOSE to be.


My Verse: 1

"Now Naomi had a relative of her husband's. A worthy man of the clan of Elimelech, who's name was Boaz."

My Response:

Ruth leaves her family and false God's in search of a real God and His provision and is hoping to find a savior to keep her from starving, being attacked, taken... she enters into Bethlehem, looking for a savior... Hmm, correlation much? Mind. Blown.

God already has plans to not only redeem her but also to use her hope and faith to INCLUDE her in the line to provide the WORLD with a Savior and Redeemer!


My Notes:

  • Boaz is running a God-honoring organization. - Ruth is looking to find the TRUE God... this man's reputation proved that He KNEW Him.

  • I think this is why Ruth picks him to follow.

  • Ruth catches his eye. He takes care of her. He's mindful and compassionate to those that would be easily overlooked.

  • I don't think she counted on how much care he would show her though, after all, she was not only a widow, but a foreigner.

  • Godly men catch the eye of wise godly woman!

  • Godly women catch the eye of wise godly men!

  • Ruth and Naomi find REST, PEACE, and PROVISION in their GOD provided REDEEMER!


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