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Peace Be Still

This week's object lesson is from Mark 4

Nehemiah's Leadership Coloring Page

Main Point:

Not only does Jesus have the power to bring peace to any earthly storm, but He is preparing a future that doesn't have storms!

Object Lesson: "Paper Boats"

Take some regular printer paper and fold it into a boat. Fill up a bathtub, use your pool or just fill up a sink. Place a rock, Popsicle stick or action figure in the boat. It wont float very long. Left on it’s own the boat and it’s cargo would sink to the bottom... BUT because YOU’RE there, you can stop it from sinking at any moment. Saving the little paper boat from sinking isn’t even hard for you. Use the example to illustrate, that we can’t see God but He has promised to BE WITH US in EVERY storm we face. Our peace comes from KNOWING that we have a GOOD, LOVING, FAITHFUL God who has promised to be with us ALWAYS!


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