Mark | Ch. 7

From Daniel's Desk on 4/6/2020

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My Title: Jesus, HEAL the Deaf and Mute Hearts


My Verse: 37

37 "And they were astonished beyond measure, saying, 'He has done all these things well. He even makes the deaf hear and the mute speak.'"

My Response:

Jesus is WORTHY of our HEART'S FULL affection and devotion.

The problem with religious tradition is that, even though they are usually born out of honest dedication, good intention or holy zeal, the action will eventually remove God from the throne. WE think that WE can please God by OUR actions... which means, those that are BEST at doing the traditions are BEST in God's eyes. It will also lead us to think that we can EARN God's favor.

The reality that Jesus taught can still exist WHILE the heart is terribly sinful. We can have the appearance of holiness while being completely unholy because we are using man's unit of measurement.

Jesus was ROUGH and DILIGENT to point this out. - He pitied those that suffered the corrupting effects that sin has in this world. - He also tested, the hearts of men, both Jews and gentiles alike. - Jesus tested the woman from Sidon. The city that worshipped Baal. He wanted to see if she was only after the miracle He could grant her or if she would humble her heart because she honestly knew WHO He was.

How Will This Make You a Better Husband/Father/Man:

Test the hearts of your children in order to point them to the LIVING CREATOR for WHO HE IS. BUT also, REALIZE AND BE READY for Jesus to test your heart as well. If you're being completely transparent... your heart falls short all the time. like. all. the. time. Rededicate your heart today. POINT IT ENTIRELY TOWARDS HIM because He deserves your FULL attention and affection. You're children will follow that way more quickly and readily than they will ever listen to your words.


My Notes:

  • Tradition can be blinding. Well intentioned traditions are usually established from glimpses of God's overarching story. Focusing on the brief glimpse and the tradition established from it will keep you from seeing the bigger picture.

  • Tradition causes empty actions. The action is performed but it has no meaning. I can SAY "I love you." but prove that it's meaningless by having my actions prove the complete opposite.

  • It's not what you EAT that defiles you... it's what comes OUT of your heart that defiles you.

  • Jesus is literally changing everything they have ever been taught about sanctification.

  • Your HEART is the issue.

  • The Syrophoenician woman is from Sidon. The city of Sidon worshipped Baal. - I think Jesus may have been testing her heart to see if she was only after Him for what He could give her or if she was truly willing to humble herself because she saw Him for how He TRULY is.

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