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Mark | Ch. 4

From Daniel's Desk on 3/30/2020

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My Title: He Who Has Ears to Hear, Let Him Hear


My Verse: 20

20 "Pay attention to what you hear; with the measure you use, it will be measured to you, and still more will be added to you."

My Response:

PAY MUCH ATTENTION and do not miss this chapter! God sows His Word to EACH heart... we get to chose where we land. BE THE SEED that lands into good soil. Don't let Satan deceive you with selfish lies. Don't let your faith be shallow so that tribulation and persecution will derail you. Don't let your desires and dreams for this life keep you from doing God's will! GO DEEP. Press into His Word and grow strong with the INTENTION of growing fruit... fruit is the seed that multiplies from the tree. (30, 60 and 100 fold) Get busy about the business of His kingdom.

All we are asked to do is to be faithful to plant the seed. God makes it grow and we know not how He does that. Our work has an eternal reward... the harvest. We plant and water but God makes it grow. We don't do the impossible, He does, but we get to share the reward.

Finally, God can command event the wind and waves. He speaks with authority and the things He says are TRUE. Get busy about the business of His kingdom.