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Living On Mission

This week's object lesson is from Acts chapter 3

Nehemiah's Leadership Coloring Page

Main Point:

To live on mission for God you've got to have a heart to join God where HE is at work and the eyes to SEE what HE is doing!

Object Lesson: "Balloon Power"

What You’ll Need: Latex Balloons, Any 2-liter Soda Bottle.

Step One: Stretch out your balloon softly to easily fit over the top of the soda bottle.

Step Two: Blow one balloon up with your mouth, tie and see if it floats.

Step Three: With the lid on, shake the soda bottle just enough to create a little gas pressure.

Step Four: Get one of your stretched out balloons and blow some air into it to get it ready for the gas from the 2-liter. Be careful and quick! When you’ve got the balloon neck stretched over your two pointer fingers have someone remove the soda lid and quickly stretch the balloon over the top of the 2-liter. See if it floats!

Talk about how this is an illustration to show that we can’t make the balloon float on our own. But, when it’s filled with the right power it can FLY!. God’s power can do things we couldn’t dream of.


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