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Joseph in Jail

This week's object lesson is from Genesis 39

Joseph in Jail Color Page Genesis 39

Main Point:

Even When We Can't See What God is Doing, He's Still At Work!

Object Lesson: "You're Not Alone"

If you believe in Jesus, He will never ever ever ever leave you. It’s kind of like your shadow. You could never move fast enough to fake it out and get it turn left when you turn right. You’ll never shake it off or have it forget to show up. As long as a light shines on you it will cast a shadow and that shadow will stick to you like glue. There’s nothing you can do to have your shadow NOT be with you. Jesus is like that. Take courage, He walks with you no matter what you’re facing.

Use a flashlight to cast full body shadows on a wall. See if your kids can shake off their shadow.


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