Jesus On Trial

This week's object lesson is from John 18

Nehemiah's Leadership Coloring Page

Main Point:

The life and teachings of Jesus demand a response from our hearts! He is God's Son, the Messiah, our Savior... our FOREVER King!

Object Lesson: "Choose Wisely"

You’ll need: 4 styrofoam cups and a penny.

Put a black spot or “X” on the bottom of one of your styrofoam cups and set it aside for now. Place the other cups upside down in front of your kids. Hide the penny under one of the cups and then shuffle them around. Tracking it can be difficult!!! Now try it again but this time use all four cups and place the penny under the cup that’s marked. Shuffle them as fast as you want and the penny will always be easy to find because of the mark. Point out that when your kids are paying attention to the truth it’s easy to make a decision as to where the penny is hidden. When we look at all the prophecy that Jesus fulfilled it’s easy to decide that He is who He says He is and that we can trust that He’s redeemed us, if we believe in Him, just as He said He would!


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