Famplify - Amplifying God's Word in Family

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

It's official. Only one month, 31 days, until our first adventure will launch into full effect. If you've not heard how Famplify could help impact your family, your church family and your community you've really gotta get see it to believe it.

Famplify Bible Journey Graphic
"Wow, these are AWESOME!" - Family Matters

This is the app that's going to change the game for family discipleship. It's helping churches invest in their families by giving them all the tools they need to train every member of their family HOW to have a personal relationship with the Lord.


Famplify App Digital Devo

This 12 week adventure is designed to help mom and dad use what their learning in church and apply it to their kids life in the middle of the week through an app that gives them all the tools they never knew they needed.

Cool right? But, wait, we haven't even scratched the surface.

When your church starts a premium group they can give a premium family membership to ALL of the families in their group! That's full access to the the entire library of family devos.

Each devo comes with printable assets. All of the digital tools and more. Memory Verses, Character Cards, Outreach Challenges, Object Lessons and Age Appropriate Follow-Up questions!

Famplify Family Devotion Printable Assets

The printed assets come with Coloring Pages, a Maze, a Word Find, Bible Bookmark and each PDF can be sent straight to your email from inside the app!

Famplify Custom Devo Bible Journey Prints
Personalize your kids devo!

Don't want to print it every week? Have custom prints sent straight to your door customized with your kids profile photo and user nickname! We even included a way to request your grandparents to pay for it!


Don't wait. Get your church to start a group today to get it all for free or join the Famplify group to do the adventure with us.

Famplify Weekly Family Devos