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Hebrews | Ch. 7

From Daniel's Desk on 1/24/20

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My Title: He is ABLE to SAVE


My Verse: 22

"22 This makes Jesus the guarantor of a BETTER covenant."

My Response:

The confusion of the purpose of the law comes from looking at God's story without Jesus. Without knowledge of Jesus it becomes the only way to draw near to God. With knowledge of Jesus, His teachings and His accomplishments we recognize the full purpose of the law was only to teach us that drawing near to God is IMPOSSIBLE because none of us can keep it! - Which is WHY we needed God's promised Messiah to come and fulfill it for us and be our Savior by taking OUR full payment and punishment on His shoulders for failing it.

Nobody could claim to be the Messiah on birthright! He had to become God's chosen high priest FROM MELCHIZEDEK's Godly priesthood. A line that was never recorded but was GREATLY honored by the father of their faith (Abraham).

Jesus, being the Messiah, delivers us a MUCH BETTER covenant. (vs. 26-17) He is a high priest that offered what is HOLY, INNOCENT, UNSTAINED, SEPARATED FROM SINNERS, AND EXALTED ABOVE THE HEAVENS... HIMSELF. He has no need to offer sacrifices for Himself and THEN offer sacrifices for the sins of those that would draw near to God. He HIMSELF is the offering WHO DOES NOT DIE, who stands with the father offering intercession for those who draw near to God! <-- Oh man, this is SO good. THAT'S WHY WE ARE TO APPROACH THE THRONE CONFIDENTLY BECAUSE TH