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Feast of Tabernacles

This week's object lesson is from John 7

Nehemiah's Leadership Coloring Page

Main Point:

God is the great shepherd who has chosen to tabernacle among us to protect and bless us wherever we go!

Object Lesson: "Under the Stars"

You’ll need: A tent and a backyard.

This is easier than it sounds and so much fun. Put up a tent in your backyard and pull out the sleeping bags. Spend a night under the stars and talk about how God is our good shepherd that lives in our hearts to protect, guide and bless us. Leave your electronics inside the house. Make s’mores. Do this week’s Family Devo in the tent! If you can get your hands on some dry ice, dump it in a bucket of water inside your tent to fill it with fog… with flash lights it’s awesome to set the mood for great storytelling. Bring your family journal and review the times that God’s provided, disciplined, delivered, protected and guided your family! (If you don’t keep a journal of God’s faithfulness to your family take this opportunity to start one!)