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Ephesians | Ch. 2 (Part 2)

From Daniel's Desk on 5/30/19

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My Title: We HAVE Access to the FATHER!


My Verse: 14

"14 For He Himself is our peace. Who has made us both one and has broken down in His flesh the dividing wall of hostility."

My Response:

The dividing wall has been BROKEN down. Jesus literally abolished the law. <-- Let that sink in. He COMPLETED the LAW. It was purposed to show us that NONE of us could EVER have been good enough to stand before God. - God is HOLY, COMPLETELY SEPARATE from sin because, by His very NATURE, He is perfect faithfulness without any corruption. He is perfect wisdom without any corruption. He is perfect power without any corruption. He is PERFECT LOVE without any corruption. - He is what we are not and could never be. - SO there is a WALL of HOSTILITY between us and Him. His WRATH must be poured out on that which is offensive. Checks and balances. Judgement and vengeance. So, HE took the wrath. The penalty. The payment was put on Jesus WHO WAS PERFECT and the LAW FOUND NO FAULT in Him. So, now He has the authority to forgive the sins of those who wish to be forgiven!!!!

When we stand before God, ALL HE SEES IS THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF JESUS! The wall of hostility has been removed! If we desire to KNOW the LIVING GOD and have Him come dwell IN US, is ask Jesus for forgiveness. If we believe that Jesus IS who He SAYS He is, He has promised to forgive us! This is MERCY. Not giving us we DO deserve. BUT Seeing us as righteous as His Son Jesus, LOVING us to the edge of the universe and back, giving us the rich inheritance of the forever kingdom along with HIM... THAT'S GRACE. Giving us what we DON'T DESERVE.