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Cyrus' Decree

This week's object lesson is from Ezra 1

Cyrus' Decree Coloring Page

Main Point:

God is in Control!

Object Lesson: "Obstacles on the Course!"

Create an obstacle course with soccer cones or styrofoam cups. Tell the kids that if they

can successfully walk from one side of the course to the other without touching a cup or cone they get a piece of candy. BUT they have to do it blindfolded! Tell them they have the choice to try and make it on their own or they can choose to walk with a guide. If they choose to have the guide, take their hand and carefully guide them through the obstacle course. God is our guide.

We don’t see what He sees. We don’t know what He knows! It would be foolish not to lean on HIS understanding. He is in total control and DOES have plans for each of us. By trusting Him we will successfully navigate life!


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