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Colossians | Ch. 4

From Daniel's Desk on 12/3/19

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My Title: Are YOU a Fellow Worker for the Kingdom?


My Verse: 17

"And say to Archippus, 'See that you fulfill the ministry that you have received in the Lord."

My Response:

Lord. Paul prayed for an open door for the Word, to declare the mystery of Christ... to make it clear. - Lord, I am not in prison but I do feel trapped. Please, show me the next step to take to make your story... your whole story clear to my people for our hearts are waning and our hunger for your Word is diminishing. I am sorry for my part in this. I am praying for you to give me the eyes to SEE where you are at work and the ears to hear where you are calling me to work. I am hungry for more of you.


My Notes:

  • REMEMBER (leaders) to treat your employees justly and fairly... just as YOU have a master in heaven... don't forget that.

  • Steadfast in prayer. Be watchful in it. Being THANKFUL (have the RIGHT perspective!)