Colossians | Ch. 3

From Daniel's Desk on 11/27/19

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My Title:

Be KINGDOM Minded! | Old vs. New, YOU get to decide!


My Verse: 17

"And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him."

My Response:

The flesh and the spirit walk in opposition to each other but you ARE FREE to choose between the old and the new. If you have been RAISED w/ Christ PUT OFF THE OLD and PUT ON THE NEW! - Let no one disqualify you but recognize that you CAN'T CLEAN YOURSELF UP... you can't WORK yourself out or back into God's grace BUT if you have been raised with Christ because of your faith in His sacrifice... SEEK THE THINGS THAT ARE ABOVE because the wrath of God IS coming and SO ARE HIS REWARDS... BE KINGDOM MINDED... and CONTINUALLY RENEW YOUR MIND with thoughts of what is to come! (Then the temptations in this life will pale in comparison to the promises you have in God!)

The old you was only focused on everything temporary... the NEW you has the correct perspective! SO KEEP THAT PERSPECTIVE!


My Notes:

  • BE KINGDOM MINDED! - If then you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above, not the things that are on earth!

  • When Christ appears... SO WILL YOU appear WITH Him in GLORY!

  • Put to death, in you what is earthly for the WRATH OF GOD is coming on these things...

  1. Sexual immorality

  2. Impurity

  3. Passion

  4. Evil Desire

  5. Covetousness (which is idolatry)

  6. Anger

  7. Wrath

  8. Malice

  9. Slander

  10. Obscene Talk

  11. Do not lie

  • PUT OFF the OLD self and PUT ON the NEW self.

  • The NEW self is being RENEWED in KNOWLEDGE after the IMAGE of its CREATOR.

  • PUT ON then as God's chosen ones, holy and beloved...

  1. Compassionate hearts

  2. Kindness

  3. Humility

  4. Meekness

  5. Patience

  6. Bear w/ one another (unity) FORGIVING each other

  7. As the LORD has forgiven YOU must forgive (it's how you become more like Christ)


  • LOVE binds ALL things together in perfect HARMONY! - Christ is in all and holds all things together! Ch. 2:17!

  • LET the PEACE of Christ RULE in your hearts! <-- STOP, think about that for a minute.

  • LET the WORD of Christ DWELL in you richly. (Teaching and Admonishing) - LORD, make the heart of my people HUNGRY for your Word!

  • Wives - SUBMIT to your husbands.

  • Husbands - LOVE your wives. Do not provoke your children, lest they become discouraged.

  • Children - OBEY your parents.

  • Be SINCERE, WORK HARD as unto the Lord! - It IS the Lord you are serving! There is no partiality... ALL will be paid back in the inheritance. Evil for evil and good for good!