Ascension of Jesus

This week's object lesson is from Acts 1

Nehemiah's Leadership Coloring Page

Main Point:

Jesus ascended to heaven so that the Holy Spirit could come and empower us for the ministry of telling the world about Jesus!

Object Lesson: "Bye Bye Balloon"

What You’ll Need: 1 Biodegradable Dove Helium Balloon for each child or 1 Sky Lantern - Both are available on

If you do this object lesson during the day, each of your kids will want their own balloon. If you do it at night you can get away with sending off one sky lantern because it’s big and involves fire, so the kids will all watch you do it. Write a prayer on a 3x5 card and then have each child tie it to their helium balloon Or write everybody’s prayers on the biodegradable lantern. Then release them into the sky. As you watch them disappear into the sky talk about how cool it must have been to see Jesus ascend into the sky. Talk about how Jesus has promised to return in the same way!


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