Abrahamic & Isaac

This week's object lesson is from Genesis 22

Abraham and Isaac Color Page

Main Point:

God Tested Abraham to Find Out What Was Most Important to Him

Object Lesson: "The Heart Compass"

Take two pieces of construction paper. On the first piece of construction paper glue a picture of a pile of candy and on the back side glue the worst picture of rotting teeth you can find on Google. On the second piece of construction paper glue a picture of a bunch of vegetables and on the backside the best “picture perfect” smile you can find on Google. (You can also do this with two iPads if you have more than one.)

Put the two posters or pictures on opposite sides of the room. Ask the kids, “If you could only have one, for the rest of your life, which would you choose? Candy or vegetables!?” Before they choose, tell them you think it would be wise to pick the healthy choice because the unhealthy choice wouldn’t be good for them. Then have them choose by running to the picture of their choice. After the kids have decided to take the candy, flip the cards over and show them the results of their choices! Then give them the opportunity to change their choice.

Explain that where we point our desires will affect where we end up in life. Choosing to do what God tells us to do isn’t always the most attractive choice but it IS the best choice.


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