1 Thessalonians | Ch. 3

From Daniel's Desk on 12/12/19

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My Title: Walk Hard


My Verse: 11-12

"For when we were with you, we kept telling you beforehand that we are to suffer affliction, just as it has come to pass, and just as you know."

My Response:

Your FAITH and your LOVE in the face of persecution and temptation will encourage other brothers in the faith. The world wants to chew you up and spit you out because it is dead and you stand in opposition to that! PRAY!

You HAVE a heavenly FATHER! He allows your to be tested and tempted because THAT'S the space where you will grow in a relationship with HIM the most!

Never forget that God is writing HIS story and you've been called, established and encouraged to walk hard in that calling! He has invited you to be apart of HIS story, not the other way around! Don't do yourself the disservice of NOT participating in His calling... your FOREVER can't afford it! He IS coming back just as He promised! He is bringing His Glory, His saints and His rewards with Him. You WANT Him to say "Well DONE."


My Notes:

  • Paul LONGED to see those he discipled.

  • He cared greatly about their strength to stand against adversity. - He had great fear that they would not be able to walk.

  • The Holy Spirit was doing His work in them just as He was doing it in Paul on his mission.

  • Timothy was a servant. Carrying news and letters to report back and forth. I can't wait to hear some of his stories in heaven.

  • Tempter is prowling looking/waiting for an opportunity to pounce on YOU. He has no weapon except that which we give him.

  • We ARE TO SUFFER AFFLICTION. (Gonna say that again) WE ARE TO SUFFER AFFLICTION. - God's designed it to be like this. Genuine testing of your heart has to come at a cost. SO...

  • PRAY for your brothers. (Literal adopted brothers)

  • Establish the new converts!

  • Encourage them often... remind them of not only their calling but of what they are called to!

  • BE THANKFUL! See your circumstance through God's eyes! Trust His heart and character when you are tempted to doubt His hand. (See Ruth ch.1)

  • Vs. 11 - Never forget that this is God's story and HE is telling it! - So ASK Him for your good and your favor! He is YOUR FATHER!!! May He direct our paths to encouragement and faith. (Psst. to be encouraged in faith you also have to watch Him overcome your fears... so, fear is a big part of the equation)

  • Vs. 13 - Jesus IS COMING AGAIN... THAT is our HOPE. Have you lost sight of that? Have you never been taught to expectantly WAIT for that!? His RETURN is near and He is bringing His GLORY, His kingdom, His saints and His reward.

  • Fight on and fight hard. Re-establish your calling, refuse to be tempted and taken off course, encourage the brothers, remember that GOD is writing His story and inviting you to be apart of it NOT the other way around.

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