1 Thessalonians | Ch. 1

From Daniel's Desk on 12/5/19

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My Title: Don't Get Confused


My Verse: 4-5

"For we know, brothers loved by God, that He has chosen you, because our gospel came to you not only in word, but also in power and in the Holy Spirit and with full conviction."

My Response:

If I am to be an imitator of Christ and creating other imitators of Christ, than my example is paramount. Not just for younger followers but also because of the testimony that goes out about what the LIVING and TRUE God is accomplishing in and through me. - work of faith - labor of love - steadfastness of hope.

Remember, when you're questioning the promises of God, that God is true and living. Our confidence is the resurrection of our risen Savior and our assurance is the power and joy of the Holy Spirit.

The testing of your faith is not only producing endurance, it's creating a powerful testimony for others to follow!


My Notes:

  • Paul is always greeting the brothers with GRACE and PEACE.

  • Always GIVE THANKS for those that God has called to be fellow workers! - Remember them in your prayers. Encourage them by TELLING them WHAT YOU SEE GOD DOING THROUGH THEM...

  1. Their WORK of FAITH

  2. Their LABOR of LOVE

  3. Their STEADFASTNESS of HOPE in the Lord Jesus Christ

  • Remind them of THEIR CALLING if they are discouraged!

  • The gospel didn't just come only in word, but also in POWER and in the Holy Spirit and with full conviction.

  • Receiving the gospel and becoming an imitator of Christ will bring much affliction but also JOY from the Holy Spirit.

  • BECAUSE you become an example and your faith in God, who is living and true, will impact many others.

  • Hold on to these truths BECAUSE you will have to endure the wait.


  • There was confusion in Thessalonica because they didn't think any of them would die before Christ returned... when they started dying they thought that Paul might have been wrong about his gospel and if he were wrong about them not seeing death, what else might he be wrong about!?


  • DON'T LOSE FOCUS! - REMEMBER, Jesus rose from the dead. This is our CONFIDENCE! The Holy Spirit, the living God, lives INSIDE you. This is our ASSURANCE!

  • Jesus is our deliverer from the wrath to come.


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