1 Peter | Ch. 4

From Daniel's Desk on 5/6/19

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My Title: Be a Good Steward of God's Grace for His Glory!


My Verse: 10

"As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God's varied grace."

My Response:

You can't serve two masters. It's impossible. As a believer, although you are a new creation, your flesh can be used as a tool by the enemy to LIE to you! Sin never delivers what it promises to and it will always cost more than you are willing to pay!!!

Sin will fall under judgement. At face value it will only cause you guilt, regret and pain but in the long run it will cost you the investments that could bring reward in the eternal kingdom. Your actions are serious and always bear fruit... good or bad.

You've been given a gift, that's intended to SERVE God's people. Either chose to be a good steward and use it to invest in Christ's kingdom or be foolish to squander it by ignoring it to entertain your selfish heart and desires.


My Notes:

  • Fighting your flesh is painful! (Suffer)

  • The way of the heart will always lead to sensuality, passions, drunkenness, orgies, drinking parties, and lawless idolatry.

  • They are surprised when you wont join them and malign you

  1. BUT they WILL give an account to Him who is ready to judge!

  • Be self-controlled and sober minded!

  1. For the sake of your prayers!

  • Above all LOVE.

  • Use your gift to serve one another.

  • Be a GOOD steward of God's varied grace!

  1. You must take this seriously and it can only be achieved by HIS strength!

  2. Remember - It's ALL for His glory!

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