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1 Peter | Ch. 3

From Daniel's Desk on 5/3/19

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My Title: ALWAYS Be Prepared to EXPLAIN the Hope Inside You!


My Verse: 12 (Ps. 34:12-16)

"For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and His ears are open to their prayer."

My Response:

Wives should respect their husbands and men should show them honor. - It stinks that we have to be told this. If we truly honored Christ the Lord as HOLY in our hearts then we wouldn't need this instruction.

Unity. How I wish I could see what the Lord would do if His Church would unite over His sacrifice. - The fractures in the American Church and the Christian home can all be traced back to human selfishness. Our hearts, our vision, our passion, our mission, our efforts are more often than not seeking to make ourselves valuable to the Lord. Our egos get in the way. Our opinion weighs much more than it should. Unless we submit to His plan and purpose and preach only Christ and Him crucified we will find too many things to fight about and man does the enemy love that. - A kingdom divided cannot stand. - We are so busy fighting ourselves we can't even see the moral ground we are losing. Lord. Call the hearts of your people, we can't squabble with each other if our faces are pointed at you!

We have a risen Savior and His Spirit lives inside of us. We ought to live like it!