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1 Peter | Ch. 2

From Daniel's Desk on 5/1/19

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My Title: YOU Have Been Called - Never Look Back!


My Verse: 16

"Live as a people who are FREE, not using your freedom as a cover-up for evil, but living as servants of God."

My Response:

God created you with a purpose in mind, but to think that He created you because He needed you would be a mistake. He wants to love you and for you to be loved by Him for His good pleasure. - He created you with a HOLY purpose in mind... a purpose your flesh will war against because you want to be your own God.

The longer you fight Him the longer you will miss out on all that He has for you in a relationship with Him. Jump in and don't look back. Don't. Look. Back. Not even for a moment. Get busy growing and looking for where He is at work. Join Him in what He is doing an you'll get to experience the Creator in you and moving through you to create fruit! Entertaining your heart will only serve to distract you and slow you down.


My Notes: