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  • Genesis
    Click the image to open the link with the Adobe Aero App:
  • Exodus
    Click the image to open the link with the Adobe Aero App: Next week we'll publish EXODUS 3! Follow the DELIVERANCE Series to follow along...
  • When the princess adopted the boy she named him Moses, why?
    She said she named him that because she said “I drew him out of the water.” - The reason for this is because Moses SOUNDS like the HEBREW word for “draw out.”
  • What do you think Moses’ mother must have felt during this time?
    No incorrect answers here. Use discussion as an application to what YOU or YOUR kids might feel having to trust the Lord with something so serious.
  • Who came to bathe in the river?
    Pharaoh’s daughter.
  • Where did Moses’ mother put him in the river when she placed him in the Nile?
    She put him in the reeds by the riverbank.
  • How long did Moses' mother hide him after he was born?
    3 months.
  • Do you think God knew that the midwives were afraid?
    Their lives were on the line. Yes, they were afraid
  • Are YOU struggling with anything that seems completely out of your control?
    There are no incorrect answers here. This is intended to open conversation.
  • What did the princess decide to do with Moses?
    She hired his mother to nurse him until she could adopt him!
  • Why did Moses' mother stop hiding him?
    The Bible says she literally could not hide him any longer.
  • What tribe are Moses' parents from?
  • What did Mose’s mother make his basket out of?
    Bullrushes, bitumen and pitch.
  • What did the princess say when she opened the basket?
    “This is one of the Hebrew’s children!”
  • His sister stood watch nearby, why?
    To know what would happen to him.
  • What did the princess feel when she saw Moses crying?
    She pitied him.
  • It’s clear that God is intentionally involved with the story surrounding His promises to provide mankind with a Messiah, redeemer. Do you think God cares about you and your story as much as He cares about the story of redemption?
    These parents didn’t know that they were being included in God’s larger story of salvation, they only knew that God had asked them to be faithful with what He’d given them. He loves you JUST as much as all the other people He’s created. He wants you to do your life WITH Him because He loves you.
  • What did Moses’ sister do when Moses was discovered?
    She asked if she should go and find a nurse to care for Moses.
  • What was Moses doing when the princess opened the basket?
    He was crying.
  • Moses’ mother had to trust God as she released her son Moses twice! The first one was the river, can you remember the second time?
    She had to deliver her son over to the princess to adopt him.
  • Who pulled the basket from the reeds?
    The Pharaoh’s daughter sent her servant woman to fetch the basket.
  • Why would the Egyptian princess give the boy a Hebrew name?
    This question is intended to encourage discussion regarding God’s provision. God was providing deliverance for Moses, his people and creating a story that proves His faithful character. A character that we trust today as He’s promised to deliver us from the slavery from sin if we believe in Jesus!
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