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Did we mention it's custom?

Your kids are creative, their learning material should be too!

Adding your kids to your family profile inside our app couldn't be easier. Add a cool nickname to make it extra personal and then order each of our adventures in print. They'll arrive in your mailbox a few days after you order! (We've even added a feature that allows Grandma and Grandpa to purchase them for you as gifts!)

Famplify Bible Journeys

Get MORE out of Family Time

All the tools you never knew you needed and more!

Everything you need.

More importantly, everything you WANT!

Character Cards, Memory Verses, Outreach Challenges, Devo Follow-Up Questions even an Object Lesson! We also include the entire Bible chapter (NLT Version) the devo is pulled from!

Click tabs!

Weekly family devo pages


What's a


New Content EVERY Week!

Our devo library grows every week.


To help promote success we only publish two adventures a year but that doesn't stop us from publishing a new devo every week. That way your family can enjoy Famplify all year round! 


Start strong, finish strong!


Tell them what you're going to teach them, teach it to them and then ask them what you taught them. This teaching strategy is tried and true. That's why each devo starts with a Hank, Frank & Amelia animation (90 seconds long) that sums up the entire devo in a way that will capture your children's attention!

Famplify DJ
Famplify App Map
Famplify VWBus
Famplify Heather

It's like a game but it's also got heart!   

We launch a new 12-week adventure journey every spring and fall! Earn stars by completing the family devo every week. Earning stars allows you to gain access to more of the animated Edgar & Zackary Adventure Journey!

Every Journey is an Adventure!

Famplify Zachary
Famplify Edgar
Famplify Bible Devos
John - Ch. 20 - The Empty Tomb
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Famplify for Family:

Worried about pricing? Everyone in your group gets ALL of our content FREE!

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Famplify is a family discipleship tool published by Joshua Initiative:

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