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What is Famplify™?

It's like VBS... but for the entire family!   

Famplify™ was built, not only to unify your message but also your people by putting them on mission together in a way that is fun and successful. We call it Grow & Go.


Famplify™ will encourage your people to commit to a 12-week adventure that will have them reviewing your Sunday teachings, teaching it to their kids, praying together for each other and their community and working together as a team to achieve up to three outreach events in your community.


5 Reasons you're gonna LOVE Famplify!

1. It's Flexible

Teach what you want and when!


We provide the adventure but you guide the study. Set up your group to follow what Famplify™ is publishing every week or search our library by Bible chapter, topic or keyword. Publish your adventure in any order you'd like! - This way, our devos can cover the same section of scripture you're teaching during Sunday service. Eh, but that wasn't good enough for us, we wanted it to match your study exactly, that's why we also made it...

Famplify Flexable Curriculum Screen Shot
Famplify Adventure App Screen Shot

2. It's Customizable

Truly customizable and constantly growing!


We publish a new devo to our library every week so you'll always have new content to chose from, but we wanted it to match what you're teaching exactly. So we developed it to allow you to put your own message bullet points and even a sermon video INSIDE the weekly devo, and it's as easy as sending a text message! Yeah. This just got real. Also, check out our Message Map to see just how powerful messaging and push-notifications can be!

Famplify Customizable Screen Shot

3. It's Community

Unite your people, not just your message!


Use the in-app group management system to invite "first-time attenders" into your group via text message, email or copy/paste link. When you add a family to your group, they can stay on track with what you're teaching along with ALL of the assets available right at their fingertips AND they'll also get FULL access to our ENTIRE library to do any of our studies whenever they want! Once they're in, they can earn stars by inviting their friends to join your group as well! If you outgrow your group subscription, upgrading is super easy but removing the families that aren't using it will ensure you will only use the subscription model that best suits your group!

Famplify Community Group Results Screen Shot
Famplify Earn Stars Screen Shot

4. It's Quantifiable

Want to know who's applying Sunday's message at home?


Your group members earn stars for doing the devo every week. The more stars they earn the more animated adventure they'll achieve! They can even earn stars for inviting friends and neighbors to your group. The more stars they earn the better their group rank becomes. You can reward those that are succeeding and incentives those who are struggling!


5. It's a TON of fun!

Family Discipleship and Outreach that's an Adventure


Start an ADVENTURE at your church or home group to use Famplify to encourage your people to GROW & GO right in the community where God's placed you!


From planning and promoting to enjoying the results, don't miss our easy

HOW TO guide to ensure your adventure is a huge success!  

The Big Two

The top two reasons families don't do a weekly family Bible study

1. Their busy family schedule doesn't leave them enough time to plan and prepare.

2. They don't feel adequate to do the job.

We're not just awesome. We've also got heart!

Famplify Group Screen Shot
Weekly family devo pages


Weekly Assets

Famplify™ Beats Up the Big Two

Famplify™, it's not just fun and games, it's got heart!


Each of our weekly family devotions includes everything needed to run a successful Bible Study and it's designed to help you train your children's hearts how to have a personal relationship with the Lord.


Our process is easy and it includes the entire family! Everybody gets on the same bus, you just expect each of your kids to get off at their stop.


Read God's Word (3-11yrs): This part is for everybody. For the ones a bit too young, you're teaching them to sit with the family once a week and for the ones a bit too old, you can give them responsibilities like teaching the object lesson or helping the young ones do their activity pages. The important part is that you're all in the Word of God together!


Look at the Character of God (5-11yrs): After you've made it through the story section it's time to point out the heart or character of God in the Bible lesson. This may be over the little ones head but that's okay because they're already doing summersaults across the living room floor!


Apply it to Your Heart (7-11yrs): The serious business. Introducing your kids to have their own relationship with the Lord before they hit the teen years is vitally important. This section gives you the opportunity to get their life and their heart into the discussion! 

Click tabs!

Our culture. Our society. Our communities. Our neighborhoods. Our own homes.


It's OUR missions field. 

Here's what people are saying...

Famplify testimonies
"The heart behind this curriculum is what makes the material so powerful..."
Carlene (Mom of 3)
"My kids remind ME to go download the new study every Monday."
Josh (Dad of 4)
"This is EXACTLY what families don't even realize they desperately need!"
Joseph (Father of 4)
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