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D.J.'s Rescue

Journey Map 1 - Fall 2018

This 12-week adventure follows Edgar, Zackary and Heather as they race to introduce their newest crew member, DJ, to the living Creator King; but they'll have to hurry because more than his life hangs in the balance as the nasty King Lemuel is hot on their trail tempting him with selfish pursuits as he furiously attempts to rid his island of these young missionaries.

The story of D.J.'s rescue is a picture of the struggle each of our hearts will face when we decide to follow the Lord. D.J. is an orphan that must chose to see through the trap of fame, fortune and even adoption offered by the king to instead help the outlaw missionaries spread the gospel on the king's island. (What do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? - Mark 8:36) It's also a picture of the gospel as D.J. believes Jesus to be his Savior and true King. Along the way he will have to chose to lay down his own safety to save his new friends and in the process, finds that his rescue from the spiritual shackles of sin was much greater and much more important than the physical shackles threatened by the earthly king Lemuel. To find out how it ends you'll have to hang on tight for the entire ride full of jungles, caves, jetpacks and end even a flying 1967 VW bus!

Don't wait! Start a group today to give all of your friends free access to the adventure AND our entire devo library or request to join a group already in progress! Don't have a group!? Join the Famplify group for just $5 a month!

You can also use it to impact your community!


How To

WHAT is it?

What is a Famplify Bible Journey Map?

It's a digital adventure game that promotes family discipleship and community.

In an effort to equip and encourage families to Grow & Go we publish an animated adventure every spring and fall that is super fun for families but also an extremely powerful tool for churches and home groups that encourages your families to review what they're being taught on Sunday. It also challenges them to engage their neighborhood with the gospel through weekly outreach challenges and quarterly events.



Want us to bring the party to you?

We'd love to plan a movie in the park with you!

WHEN is it?

Every spring and fall.

It's the perfect times of the year to engage your neighborhood with fun!

First: Start a group and then add friends to your group by text message or email! Promote your adventure at least one month in advance. Here's some resources to help!

Second: Kick-Off your adventure with a family pizza party! Use the party to explain the Grow & Go concept and to get your families to commit to doing the family devo every week for the twelve weeks. Offer incentives for the winning families. Movie tickets are great motivators. You can even do the first devo together at the pizza party so they know how easy it is! Here's some resources to help you run a Pizza Party Kick Off!

Third: Use the in app messenger to reach out to your group to encourage them, keep them focused and praying for the community surrounding the park your group will be engaging with your outreach event(s). Use our Messenger Map to make sure your notifications stay helpful and avoid becoming a nuisance.

Fourth: Finish your adventure with a bang! Plan your outreach event to be the last week of your adventure so that you can pass out awards and celebrate the growth your groups experienced. Pass out invitation flyers to the community surrounding your park the week before your outreach event. Being a church family in front of those you've been praying for for 12 weeks will surely welcome other families into your church family!


WHERE is it?

In YOUR neighborhood.

Train your families to be missionaries in THEIR neighborhoods!

Prayerfully pick a park (or three) in your neighborhood and use Famplify to keep your group focused on growing in God's Word but also communicating the goal of turning it into action! Remind them to pray for the families in that neighborhood that need love or a healthy community to show them how important they are to God. Here's some promotional material to help you!

Our love between each other should identify us to the world, our hope in a Savior will set us apart from it, but our love for those that don't know Him should welcome everyone! We've designed Famplify to give you as many tools as we can to help you create a Grow & Go culture in the heart of your community of young families. 

Keep us posted! When you do your events use #Famplify so we can celebrate with you! Most importantly, HAVE FUN! Life's an adventure. You don't want to miss it!

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